Sky TV through Splitter Box Problem

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    I have the following set up and 1 tv that is not displaying a picture.

    SLX 4 room Sky distribution kit from Maplin. I have connected the coax cable to the RF2 out on Sky box and run it upstairs to the distribution box. Connected from the distribution box in bedroom with one of the flylead cables from the kit to a Sky TV link and then to a Technika tv in the bedroom. I put it on the Analogue source and ran the auto tune on the Technika and this all works fine, get a picture and can control the Sky box via the TV Link eye.

    I have a second length of Coax cable from the Distribution box down to the kitchen. I plugged this in to a Samsung LE26R74BDX TV that was going spare. I did the same thing where i clicked on the ATV/DTV button on the Samsung remote, went to Menu, settings and ran the auto tune again. It did not find the sky signal.

    So to check the cable in the kitchen i took the technika tv down and plugged it in. It works fine in the kitchen. I then took the Samsung up to the bedrrom and connected it, tried to auto tune again and it did not work. So I know the cables to both the bedroom and the kitchen work as the Technika is fine in both.

    Finally I have a coax line in the conservatory connected to the roof aerial. I plugged the Samsung into this coax and it tuned in to Freeview perfectly. So i know the aerial IN socket on the Samsung works fine as well.

    Is there anything I am missing here as to why the Samsung does not pick up the Sky feed in either the kitchen or the bedroom? or does it just not like the Sky feed?

    I know you have to switch on the RF2 via the hidden Sky menu so was wondering if there was anything similar with the Samsung but as it receives freeview from the roof coax I assume there is not a hidden setting that needs activating.

    Any advice greatly received.

    Best regards

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