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Jun 3, 2003
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audenshaw, manchester
ok, im really am considering the pio 435xde, first off is this a good choice for a plasma?
second is it best to get a pro to fit it to my wall or is it quite easy to set up?
and third i have read that on sky sports you get a lot of ghosting when watching footie, is this a myth or is it really quite bad?? :smashin: :thumbsdow
1) I would say yes and many would say not as good as panasonic. Take a look for yourself, there are some fantastic deals to be had. But make certain that when you demo they haven't hooked it up with just RF or a composite feed as that picture is awful...With Sky you hook it up with RGB which is great...
2) If you have to ask, probably best to get a Pro...Only you know your own capabilities...You definitely want a helped as the screen is very heavy...
3) Myth, no ghosting what so every...They probably connected it with composite or an RF feed instead of RGB...

What you need to understand, not every Sky channel is broadcast in the same quality. They seem to receive the good quality for all those text-in rubbish channels whilst others get little bandwidth. Now I can notice this drop in quality on a small CRT, so you will notice it as much worse on a 43" plasma...

Also remember 43" is big (though we downsized from an 8ft projector screen), so if you have to sit any closer than 10ft I would seriously advice to consider a smaller model....
Very true. Sky does vary alot.

I get no ghosting at all on my PWD7.
Any chance someone could post up pics of the best or worst quality from Sky.
(Without a pio dealer over here this is the only way I can see what the quality is like)

@spanna; Sorry mate but there is absolutely no point in posting screen shots regardig the Sky quality on here. Besides the variances that Sky introduces you then start getting into several colorspace conversations, variances of the lens artifacts, variances in digitising the picture several times; i.e. sattelite to receiver = digital, receiver to plasma = analogue, plasma display=digital, plasma to camera= analogue, camera to computer=digital, then all the nonsense about aRGB vs sRGB, JPG vs RAW, White balance of the camera, flash or no flash...Just to many variances to perform any kind of comparisons....

If you already have Sky it is really simple, you can see the differences between the channels even on a 14" CRT....On a plasma simplistically these difference will be amplified by its size...Funnily enough in my experience a higher resolution display can look worse than a lower resolution display. Now if you can't see the differences on a CRT set currently, great then just stop worrying and get one...
Anything would do. Its not for a review or anything I just want to get a general jist of how the sky pic is looking on the Pioneer 436xde preferably.
Some people on this forum have been mentioning the SD pic on the 436xde is terrible.
So I am wondering just how terrible is terrible.

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