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I am istalling the wiring in my new house and would like to ask a little advice. In my old house, I had one of those Sky Link things going upstairs through the old TV coax cable which had a few joins in it. As such, I never got the thing to work, I assume due to the joins and old cable.

In my new house, I have a Sky+ box in the living room and I have installed a shielded coax cable from there and left enought to reach the TV in the bedroom. I'm trying to avoid joins although I may have to have a wall socket at the bedroom end.

Now, in the middle of the house is the electrics cupboard where I could intercept the cable and use some kind of amplifier to send it on to the bedroom.

I've done a bit of googling but I'mstill a bit vague as to what exactly I need. Do I run a cable from Sky+box to cupboard and then a second cable to the bedroom or do I go for one long run (25m)? If I am terminating in the cupboard, what kind of booster do I need.

I would be very greatful for some help at this stage as I'm having to make final descisions on this stuff prior to plastering. I could just leave a the coax looped into the cupboard and fit a booster later if neccesary.



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you need a "compatible" distributor for the Eye to work, Channel+ and Televes do em but a trip to your local TV repair or aeriel dish man should sort it. use CT100 coax and F connectors every where except the acual TV end ie Use F wall plates as the screw connection is much beter than aerial push fit!


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Note that if you do add a "compatible" amplifier later, which usually means it also inserts the 9v signal, you have to turn OFF the 9v on the Sky box. Took me a while to figure out why mine wasn't working :).


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