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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by DoogyDawg, Jul 29, 2003.

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    having just got my tv fixed with a well know philips problem, I now have another, my tv is philips pixel plus 9617,(100hz) my sky decoder is sony vtx-s760u. connected by scart.
    when I watch anything through sky, with pixel plus on or off, I am getting a sort of double image on top of each other, I.E. a face, if the persons head turns, it turns then I get sort of lag and another layer of flesh follows, sometimes its realy bad on films, and stuff like coronation street (not that I watch it you understand, its the !!...honest)
    if I watch through RF its fine, and dvd is too.
    its as if the motion compensation cant keep up, but only on sky.
    I have an engineer comming out this saturday, they love me !!
    when I told him of the problem, he asked me if it was just on sky, and I said no, just to get them out LOL
    any ideas would be great.
    P.s. I did read on another site that listed tv's and how good it was with sky and my tv came out bad LOL,
    my decoder does crash now and again, but I was tolled this is a well know bug with this model, but I was wondering if it had a fault which was causing the image to look funny.
    sorry post is so long.

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