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Hello all, been recommended this forum by a load of people, so i thought you might be able to answer an issue i have...:thumbsup:

I have a sky minidish with a 4 way lnb, as i live in a flat (converted post office) and each flat has a single feed.
The problem i have is this: i cant get a lot of +1 channels, and if i get one, it freezes, promptly locking up the sky box at the same time.
Signal strength and quality are about 75% on the menu. The cable run is about 10m, so not far.

Heres the wont come out and align my dish (even though its on a flat roof and a doddle to get to) as its a shared feed, and my lease holder, well, theres an entry in the dictionary under "W" for him.....:mad:

I'm getting an 8 way lnb so that i can run sky+ at some point, but wondering if i have the dish right. i dont wanna install sky+ with this fault still present, as i'll get all cranky with it....:rotfl:

Thanks for any ideas in advance.

Ian.(aka Egon)


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[Oops] What is the signal quality like?
Are there any other channels that do this?


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Do any of the other tenants who take the feed from the same dish/LNB have the same problem?
The signal strength/quality (although only a very rough guide) seem fine.
So, on the face of it, and assuming no-one else has problems, the actual alignment of the dish seems fine.

Check all cabling and F plug connections - it's possible something could be amiss there and/or water ingress in cable.
Have you/can you try another Sky box to see if the problem persists as it seems like a process of elimination.
You could also try a forced download
Sky Digibox software - forced downloads

It seems unlikely that this would fix things, but it costs nothing except 10 minutes of your time, and does appear to cure a multitude of annoying faults


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Thanks, I havent forced an update recently, might give that a shot. It seems none of the others use thier sky connection, so i cant really try that one. Might try a new f plug as i remember it being a bit tight to get on the end of the co-ax, when i did it.

Would vertical alignment play a part in it losing the channels or would that show up on the signal strength/quality? Just wonder if it has been "fat pigeoned"!!!!

Thanks for the replys guys...


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Tried a forced download. Actually, i did it twice, the first one locked up and i forgot about it for about an hour, (watching heroes!), but the second one worked. 10 mins and it was done.
Didnt help though. Still cant get the +1's and 248 (the wifes gardening channel! :lesson:).
Wondering if its worth recabling when i put up the 8 way. I found a nick in the outer sleeve, but i wouldnt have thought it was signal threatening...:(


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Wondering if its worth recabling when i put up the 8 way. I found a nick in the outer sleeve, but i wouldnt have thought it was signal threatening...:(

That could be the problem.
Any nick in the cable (even the size of a pinprick) is enough to let water/moisture in and cause problems eventually.
It still may be worth trying, if you can, a different box on your feed or your box on a neighbour's feed


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Cheers fernandez, muchly appreciate the help.:)
Had a cable delivery through on friday, but the soppy beggars had kinked it twice..:( had to send it back..
Good here, isnt it? had this forum recommended by a mate over on the 200sx owners club, and its a goldmine of info! gonna have a search for my recent plasma purchase and see if anyone liked it! :D


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Just found the three dimensional set up for my postcode, so i'll have a play with these too...Much more research and i'll be settin up my own business!! :D


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Just clambered up onto the roof and had a fiddle...(ooer!)
Seems the vertical was out but about 10'. 25' off vertical and it was nearer 10 (taking the lnb arm into consideration)...:D

Yay!! UKTV gardening returneth.....:clap::clap:


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