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Hi all :hiya:

I am a customer with sky using there standard box but have been given a sky+ box my question is can i just swap boxes over or do i have to contact sky for anything.

When the nice sky man came out to install our dish i made him a brew and had a chat for which i got the dish installed plus an extra cable from the dish. He said it was for if i wanted to upgrade at a later date.

Thanks for any help/info in advance :smashin:


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Switch the receiver off the mains and attach the two cables from the dish to the Sky+ receiver.

Phone Sky and ask for your existing card to be paired to the new box (they will ask for details) and for the + features to be enabled.

Be aware that, AFAIK, enabling the + features will commit you to a further 12 month contract

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Well done - getting the extra cable installed means you can just plug both cables into your Sky+ box, call Sky to get them to pair your existing card with the new box and ask them to turn on the + features, and away you go.


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Many thanks for the help.
Couple more questions, will there be a charge for doing this through sky and also any issues with me not getting the sky+ box from sky ???

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