Sky+ to projector better picture?



I am using a Philips Bsure xga LCD projector which is linked to my cheap DVD player (bush won in a competition) and to my sky + box. Currently both are connected via composite and the DVD picture is good and sharp whereas I find the sky picture can seem a little out of focus and find myself keep trying to adjust it.

I have tried linking the sky box using RGB and although results are a little better it's fairly marginal but I wasn't using a dedicated RGB cable.

I am considering either

Getting a dedicated RGB cable to link to projector (25m length)

Getting a RGB to component converter and component cable to projector.

Getting something like the zinwell briteview scaler and connecting up via VGA

Any ideas???


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does your pj have svideo in , i have the sky+ box connected to my a300 and the picture is very good


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My Phililps Astaire Deluxe came with a Scart/RCA component Video
adaptor which connected to the component imput of the projector
seems spot on to me part No 3122 438 71170 . might solve your problem. Jim



Yes it does have SVideo input, component and RGBs, but unfortunately the cable run is 25m hence the composite input at the moment.

Is the scart to component a Philips part No?


25 meter :eek:

Your PJ room aint my local Cineworld by any chance? :D

Yes it is a philips part no by the way..


No, its just that the HT set up is in a different room and as you can imagine 25m runs of RGB or component don't come cheap, (or the coax I've just baughtfor the digi connection) hence the question.

I was also concerned that as the Bsure is aimed mainly at the classroom pressentation market the built in conversion kit may be partly to blame hence the consideration of external deint/scaler plus a vga cable for 25m run is cheaper.

Thanks again.

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