Sky to Plasma - Please help (Long)




I need opinions on the best possible image for Sky on the Pana TH42PWD4 plasma.

Currently, I have two setups.

1. A HCPC using the S-Video input on Pinnacle Rave card from the S-Video output of the SKY + box, the image from the HCPC is VGA to the plasma. Dscaler is used for this.

2. The scart RGB from SKY is converted to component using a well known convertor box and the component is fed into the plasma.

I am not happy with either of the setups and am currently thinking I have a few options to get the best image:

i. An Iscan pro/ultra fed with component from the above box and outputing progressing component into the plasma. Would this be 480p or 576p? Can the panny decode this signal? Would the picture be better than:

ii. A H3d card in the PC which would be fed with component from the RGB-to-Component convertor and then out to the plasma via VGA.

iii. Another capture card/ another scaler?

I have tried the proV, Avt-3700 but have found them not good enough especially for sports/fast action sequences.

Does anyone have experience of the above?

Does anyone have any other ideas?



RGB-component not good enough? You have high standards, and they will cost you dear. I should think the iscan pro is the way to go, I'm sure you know what they cost.

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