Sky+ to DVDR connection


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I am looking to connect my sky+ box to my DVDR so I can copy from the sky+ box to DVD's

The bits 'n' bobs involved are:
TV - Panasonic 32LXD70
DVDR - Sony RDR-GX350B
Sky+ box

At the moment I have my DVDR connected via HDMI to the TV and the sky+ connected to the TV using SCART.

From looking at other threads it seems that I have 2 options (please correct me if I am wrong in any of this )
1) Connect the VCR out to the SCART input of the DVDR
2) Loop the TV out from the Sky+ to the DVDR and then into my TV

Option 1 would lead me to not using RGB when recording so I would have a poorer picture. So I am thinking of going with option 2, however would this mean that I would need my DVDR on all the time?
I read in other threads about RGB passthrough. From the specs on the DVDR I see that the there is a RGB input - but there is not mention of an RGB output nor if there is RGB passthrough. Here is a link to the specsof the DVDR


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