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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by Phragzy, Jan 4, 2007.

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    Hope someone can help, we have Sky HD and multiroom with a Sky+ box and well recently we have been having problems with Sky teletext on the Sky+ box. On some channels for example ITV/Sky sports we will press text and the loading screen will start, screen will refresh but then just goes back to the TV. The odd thing is that if your on the BBC channel and press text it will work fine and the text guide appears. What's even more odd is that if you unplug the Sky+ box and leave it off for say a few mins and then connect it back up the text works fine on all channels but then just seems to stop working later.

    At the weekend we changed Tvs, gave my my old panny 37PX60 plasma to my parents, obviously had to unplug the Sky+ to connect everything and well they are now blaming me for this problem as the text worked fine before. I have double checked the connections so have no idea why this is happening (Sky text works fine on my HD box). Thought i would post on here to see if anyone has experenced the same problem and if there is a fix. Worst comes to the worst ill have to call Sky but i would prefer not to.

    P.S: Does Sky teletext run through the Sky box or telephone line? just a question my parents asked me, pretty sure it's the box but would just like clarification.

    P.P.S: Have just found out my parents have left the Sky+ box on constantly, never switching to standby, could this maybe be the cause of the problem?

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