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Ok, before I start i`m not 100% sure if what i`m saying is correct, but I think this is what the engineer told me.

I currently have Sky digital which has a RF lead out of the box into a (LNB I think) in the attic which then has 2 cables, 1 going into the master bedroom & the other into the toy room.Both these rooms upstairs have the Sky eye which lets me change channels in every room.

Now, if I want Sky + downstairs can I keep this LNB box & cables running into each room upstairs o`r do I have to change the cable to twin core.I know I need this twin core coming into Sky + from the minidish but if I have to change it upstairs I won`t bother as all the cables are running behind the plasterboard & into a wall socket.

I hope that makes sense & someone can give me an answer.
BTW will the sky eye that I have in the bedroom & toy room work with an additional Sky + remote ?


The RF lead you mention carries just that: RF. It is nothing to do with the LNB. You will have an LNB on your dish. The cable from this goes into the back of your receiver. It is this cable that the engineer will change. You should still be able to use the RF cable to feed to the other room. You should make a note of the current RF channel you are using and get the engineer to tune the sky+ into the same channel. And yes, as you say, you will need an additional sky+ remote.



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There is no difference to using the Sky Link between normal Sky and Sky+. The only twin core for Sky+ is from the LNB on the dish to the Sky+ box. You will probably have an RF amp in the attic, not an LNB. As well as checking the RF channel on the original Sky box before removal, also get the engineer to check if the 9v feed to RF out is switched on or not. Duplicate whatever it is on your Sky+ setup. If your amp in the attic has it's own 9v feed, it should be switched off. If it just has a 9v bypass, it will probably be switched on. The 9v powers the Sky Link remote eyes. I had this problem when I got Sky+ and had to turn off the 9v feed to get the Sky Links to work.


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