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What is it with Sky? One minute I get appalling service, the next great...

My Sky+ box has been plating up for weeks, it intermittently displayed a message to insert viewing card at first but then got worse and worse to the point where it wouldn't show any subscription channels or play any recorded programmes. The same thing happened 3 months ago but it just fixed itself after a few resets.
Rang Tech Help, waited in a queue for 40 mins before getting through to someone who did not have a clue and wanted a tenner for a new viewing card! Not a chance, I told them it is not the card at fault as my other skybox can read the card fine. They send a "free" viewing card regardless. Rang them again on Saturday to let them know that the problem is not fixed with the new card. I waited 30 mins to go through the usual process of resetting the box and to be told that an engineer visit is needed.

Obviously, my sky+ box is five weeks out of warranty and £65 is required. No way, I pay over £600 a year for sky+ multiroom and the problem (which was logged with sky) originally started within the warranty period. I told all this to the tech help bod and his line manager but they were'nt having any of it so I was transferred to subscription dept to cancel my account. Surprisingly the lines were busy so the now moody tech help bod gave me the direct number to call later.

Rang in the afternoon, got straight through to a lady and explained that I would like to cancel. She immediately told me that they would send out an engineer on Monday free of charge and apologised for the lack of customer service I had recieved. He called last night to say he would be at our house at 9am this morning. 9:30am, he has been, gone and I am now the owner of a brand new sky+ box. Now that's more like it!

Crikey, this is my first post and it's like war and peace! :boring:
So, if you don't know already, refuse to pay for a call out charge, just threaten to cancel!


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Indeed going through the cancellation process can get you a positive result but that process is not 100% reliable so proceed with caution unless you have no problem with soundign like a prat when you backtrack:)

As you yourself said the fault occured during your warranty period so your well within your rights to get a free service call anyway.


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You're probably right Starburst. I was so annoyed with Sky at the time I was more than prepared to cancel it all but not everyone will be as willing to cancel as I was or have a problem only just out of the warranty period.
Speaking to friends and family though, Sky usually come up with some sort of sweetener to get you to to stay. My father in law got free skysports for 6 months when he rang to downgrade his package at the last price rise.

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