Sky+ svideo into PHD8 vs SKY HD component out for SD?


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Perhaps the wrong forum for this but there does not appear to be a definitive answer on this from the SKY HD faqs and links.

I currently have sky+ svideo direct into a PHD8, very satisfied with the quality but am now contemplating an upgrade to SKY HD. As I dont have a HDMI/DVI blade could anyone confirm if component out of the SKY HD box for SD channels is going to be any worse or perhaps better than what I have now?

Trawling through similar SKY HD threads, some imply the component outs from SKY HD are poor for SD others say they are better etc.

One of the reasons for choosing a panny panel over lcd etc was the SD performance, will I compromise this by going for SKY HD?

Appreciate I could probably have SKY HD connected via svideo and YUV at the same time but dont really fancy this for everyday use if at all possible.


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