SKY+ Strikes Again!!!!!


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Sep 10, 2002
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West Yorkshire, UK
I was thinking to myself that I have been reasonably lucky so far as my SKY+ system has served me well. I SPOKE TOO SOON..

My electricity tripped so I switched it back on. My V1 box was fine and continues to be fine.

My V2 box however is a different story. It came back on but my sky planner was empty, I lost loads of programmes. I was gutted. I notticed that there was no signal on the 2nd Tuner. So I switched it off and on a few times, but with no luck. Now I can't even switch it on again. It will not come out of standby, whether I use the remote or use the buttons on the front panel. I have also tried re-loading the software. This box is about 3 months old!! The V2 box failed within 1 day with a knackered had drive. I had that replaced with this current V2 box

Any thoughts??

By the way I bought this box outright from a dealer, and not from SKY. I supposed the box should be replaced or at least repaired???

It will at least come with a 12months manufacturers warranty.

I think the HDD has a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

I would say that the HDD has failed. Tuner2 usually disappears when the HDD fails.

Do you think SKY should offer some form of compensation when this happens, when you loose so much material because of failed hardware or software bugs?

I've had two failed hard drives in 3 months on a brand new V2 Sky+ box. The HD on my V1 box has never failed and Ive had it since I got the box which was when they first came out.

Any thoughts??

p.s. Now I've got to inform the family the bad news about lost recordings!!!

p.p.s. Anyone know how I can get copies of Coranation Street, Emmerdale, casualty, and holby city for the past 2 weeks?????
God I don't want to write this & tempt fate......... but I upgraded my V2 with a Samsung drive. When I took the original Maxtor out it was too hot to handle! It was an upgrade when I did it, but the Samsungs been great (touch wood). I can't see the Maxtor being so hot, not being a problem. The Samsung hardly gets warm. Other upgrades with the Samsung seem to be ok - not so with all Maxtors (mixed reports) Obviously you warranty should sort this problem out, but I'd consider changing the drive for future longevity. (Nothing to loose on drive, so a good time to upgrade) I wouldn't just change the drive, as it may not be the problem.
As for your warranty, sale of goods covers you with regard to the vendor, not the manufacturer. The dealer may replace or repair, but your gripe's with them not the manufacturer or Maxtor (if it is the hard drive). Can't help with the things you've lost, but Dev's marrying Maia, Charlie's chucked Bev and as a spoiler Todd's going to have a fling with Martins' mate the nurse!!!!
MIne did exactly the same. Tripped the electricity and it had lost signal to the second tuner, lost all recordings recording failed to work. Sky just swapped it out. No idea what the fault was.

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