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Sky + stopped working


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Hi folks

I have a Thomson Sky+ box & it's packed up after about 2-3 years. For a couple of weeks we've been getting the "No sattelite signal being received" message on a number of channels with a varying range of error codes, usually 25, 28, 29, 30 or 32.

Sky tech went through an LNB reboot process last week & it worked fine for about 24 hours, in fact with quicker response than for a long time. Then the problem came back. Today, I couldn't get any channels so I started the "unplug & reboot the box" process. Plugged it back in a couple of hours later & nothing. Now, the standby light is rapidly flickering but no other lights come on. I've tried the "unplug & reboot whilst holding back up" and nothing happens.

During this last couple of weeks, the other weird thing is that the front panel lights have been haywire - sometimes the playback circle doesn't work at all, sometimes it goes backwards, sometimes the lightthat shows communication with the remote doesn't work, other times it stays on when the remote buttons aren't being pressed.

Is there anything else I can try, or is it shot? Don't really want to pay Sky £65 for a call out to be told it's knackered 7 have to then pay for a new box on top.

Any help greatly appreciated.



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Phone Sky and ask to cancel your subscription.

Tell them that your box is dead and that you won't pay for another box. Tell them Virgin Media keep pestering you to join them and now you are going to becasue you get a free box and you can record more channels at once than on sky.

I bet they will offer you a free box in the end. They did for me and many others I know.:smashin:


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Don't really want to pay Sky £65 for a call out to be told it's knackered 7 have to then pay for a new box on top.

If you pay £65 for call-out - they will repair or replace the box for free. You don't pay both a call-out fee and then also have to pay for a replacement. That's what the £65 is paying for, 99 times out of a hundred. A replacement Sky+ box.

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