Sky+ standby/fan issue after disk upgrade


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I recently bought a WD 500gb drive to upgrade the 160gb seagate drive in my Sky+ (DRX280) box.
I used Copy+ (excellent piece of software I must say) to move over recorded films and Anytime from the old to new drives, and installed the new drive ok.
After the upgrade, the box booted up fine, but the cooling fan stayed on even when in standby.
I removed the lid and manually checked the drive temperature, it's fine, warm as you'd expect but not hot.
So I disconnected the fan and left the box lid off to monitor the temperature. Still fine.
However now I have a new problem. The box stays in standby for about a minute, then powers up to channel 998.
The box seems to work ok, all the Sky services work ok, but it won't stay in standby.
Is it because the lid is off, the fan is disconnected, or because I have a non-standard drive in the box ?
Any ideas ?
How do I make sure the firmware is up to date ? I heard there was a change to the standby operation under the latest firmware, which puts the box into standby of it isn't used. Maybe this is something to do with it, and I should upgrade the firmware, if I knew how to do this.
thanks for viewing, and any help gratefully received.

Tricky Red

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I replaced mine, but I ensured that the disk was a CE (consumer electronics) drive with a 5400rpm.

I had heard that 7200rpm drives for the computer hard drive fraternity can cause problems.

Mine has (touch wood) worked perfectly.

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