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Aug 6, 2002
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Anyone know what is standard and what is not? Most people seem to have their dish on their walls, including most people up my street. My house is quite old and attractive from the front so I want my dish attached to my chimney instead (out of the way). Does anyone know if Sky will do this as standard or will I have to pay?
When you book they ask if the place for it to go is above a certain height (30m I think) The sky chap I had was good, without asking he placed it where it couldnt be seen from the road (I live in a conservation area and have been told off for the number of retrospective planning applications I have made!!!! so Im too scared to apply for this one) thereby retaining the victorian look and feel of the house (with the exception of the TV aerial which is infinately uglier than a dish and doesnt require permission)
Yes - they ask if it is below 30ft (9.1m) on the web site before you can order online. I'm assuming then that this is the max they will go to. I'm just hoping he comes with a tall enough ladder.
They came on Friday to install it and said that if I wanted it on the Chminey they would have to book another callout by their "Special Heights" Team (apparently there is only 1 of these nationwide) because the normal guys are not insured to go above a certain height. They said this is taking around 4 weeks at the moment! Anyway decided to wait for it.

One thing I noticed on the invoice they gave me - my Digibox was to be a Grundig 3000 or something like that - any comments on this? They also said the minidishes have changed now (something to do with the arm).
"Digibox was to be a Grundig 3000 or something like that - any comments on this?"

I just had Sky installed last week (to replace Telewest system).
One big plus point about the Grundig from my p.o.v is the S-Video out which let's me feed my JVC S-VHS VCR with an S-Video signal and get excellent quality recordings.
Sky does not transmit in S-Video format (Is it MPEG-2 ? I expect there are other posts covering this issue). What the Grundig does is convert the signal both to RGB via the Scart (use this to feed the TV) and also to S-Video via the S-Video terminals. My JVC (I think it is a model 8850) can accept either a composite or S-Video signal (with S-Video being the better quality signal) via it's Scart input so I have hooked up an S-Video + 2*Phono to Scart cable from the Grundig to my VCR. As to why it is only the Grundig box I don't know ? - I am just glad that that was the one I got.
Hope this helps.

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