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Thought this might be of interest.I had a group of channels with no signal on my sky+. The sky engineer came out and went straight for the LNB. He bought it in to show me and said he was almost sure that spiders had got in through the unused cable holes and ran amok causing the channel loss. There were signs of webs, food storage and eggs inside. He replaced the LNB and everythings fine. I asked if the unused holes could be blocked off, he said no.

I am tempted to block the holes and was wondering if anybody has blocked them and did it affect anything.

Beware of spiders.


Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
Spiders (and other insects) in ones horn feed are a common source of signal degradation for those of us with larger (usually steerable) dishes.
Not knowing where these holes are (needs a picture), I can't specifically advise here. Maybe some kind of mesh can do the trick - still allowing airflow or heat dissipation.

Edit to add : you might find something about this on the "web" :)
(couldn't resist that one)

Chris Muriel, Manchester

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