Sky+ i going mad??


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Nov 23, 2004
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just had my sky+ changed because of a hard drive problem. i went from a pace pvr2 to a faulty amstrad pvr2 and, after a lot of moaning, a brand new amstrad pvr3.
everything is working fine but i'm not sure if my ears are playing tricks on me. the sound doesn't appear to be as loud as it used to be and i'm regularly having to turn up the telly. even my wife has noticed!
it's more evident on films, particularly stuff i've recorded. the speech seems to be quieter and i'm having to compensate with the volume button. unfortunately, when the sound effects kick in or the background music, the telly then starts blaring at me and i have to turn it down.
could the digibox be affecting this or is it just my imagination?
i know some films seem to be quieter than others and the fact the background music works well makes me believe it's just me.
also, i've noticed when i'm watching the closing credits of a film i've recorded, and i've got the volume turned up, the channel announcer will speak over the top and is unbearably loud. that again makes me believe that the recording is fine and it's just me.
i've checked my scart leads and they look fine.
can someone shed any light or better still just tell me i'm going nuts!
I think it's just you. I can't see any capital letters in this post. Is it just me?
When viewing TV thru my Thomson Sky box, the TV volume has to be set much higher than when watching analogue TV or thru the built-in Freeview box.

I'm not sure if this is related to the OP but if anyone has a view then I'd be interested to know your thoughts.



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