Sky+/Sony DAVS connection help needed




Go easy on me as this is a basic question, but thought I'd ask before trying it.

I've just bought my first house and bought a Samsung LE32R74LCD and have had Sky+ installed today. I want to run sky through my all in on Sony DAVS550 (ok a bit old but good enough for now).

So the Sky+ box is currently linked to my TV from Scart to Scart, my all in one is linked from the 3 coloured (RGB???) pins to scart.

So what's the best way of connecting all 3? Does the sky need to go to my all in one and TV or just to my all in one?

I know the all in one can receive optical, if someone can help explain what I need to do from both the sky plus box and all in one that would be brilliant. FYI there's no scarts on the all in one.

Thanks in advance and apologies in advance for my stupidity, but just want to make sure I purchase the right leads and get it set-up this eve.

Do I need to set my all in one and sky box to any particular settings?


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