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Hopefully someone who is a bit more up to speed on Sky services can help me with a few queries.

I really like the idea of being able to record digital programs using Sky+, but at the same time was thinking of getting rid of my Sky subscription. This is because just about everything I watch is on BBC or C4 and I grudge paying for the other 200 odd channels with constant adverts, crap programs and lack of widescreen etc.

So my ideal situation would be no Sky subscription apart from the £10 a month Sky+ fee, but still able to receive and record the FTA channels.

1. Is the above possible? ie, would Sky allow Sky+ without a subscription to their programmes.

2. Would Sky provide a viewing card. If not how would I get one.

3. Would I still get the onscreen schedules and program synopses.

4. Er........a step by step idiot's guide to achieving the above wouldn't go amiss :blush: :blush: :blush: My current 12 month minimum subscription to Sky is over so I can cancel anytime.

Many thanks,

RDB :)


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1) Yes it is possible but 99.99% of CS staff are unaware of the fact.
2) Your existing card will act in the same manner as a BBC FTV smartcard after cancelling your package subscription.
3) Yes
4) Ring the SKY+ phone number and explain what you want.

Thread on DS covering this subject.......SKY+ sub only

Demon Luci

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Thanks for an excellent reply Starburst. Just need to scrape together £250 for the box now and I can go ahead.

RDB :)

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