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Afternoon all.

Having gone round all the options many many times, read and re-read this and other forums, made several "final" decisions :rolleyes: I really need a bit of guidance if possible.

I want to get Sky in my main room and also in another room where I will be banished to watch the football! So multiroom is the way I will go as I need to have independent Sky channels on each TV. Ideally I want Sky+ in both rooms but as ever, it comes down to cost and not being able to easily afford the cost of 2 SKy+ boxes, although I will subscribe to the Sports channels.

My questions/issues are basically as follows:
If I go for 2 Sky+boxes, will one be a refurb unit and will I have any control over the type of box I get?
If I go for Sky+ installation in one room and standard box in the other, how easy would it be to get Sky+ installed at a later date in place of the standard box?
Would it be preferable to get an independent installer/engineer in after I've got the Sky+/standard Sky box installed?

In effect, Sky+ will be installed in one room and if would be good to get the wiring pre-installed for Sky+ in the other room, although will just use a standard box initially, as it gives me flexibility going forward. Ideally, I'd like the option in the future to get HD in both rooms when it becomes better value in terms of content and monthly fee and will perhaps buy the boxes separately if the wiring etc is already in place.

Is this possible, logical, cost-effective?!!

Any help would be appreciated as I need to make a decision today or tomorrow as my builder who's done some work for me has had real issues with getting both TVs to work via a loftbox. At least if they are fed via Sky, we can park the loftbox issue for now.

Many thanks (hope it made sense!)

PS Any good offers available at present on the kit I am looking to get? I will certainly ask when I phone up but it would help hugely if I knew what i should be asking / pushing for in terms of a deal. Thanks!
There would be no problem having one of each boxes originally and upgrading at a later time. When the installer is installing he will usually for a small consideration (and tea and biccies) install an extra cable to the Sky box. (some contractors have to pay for their own cable). Then later all you need to do is purchase a Sky+ (or HD) box, connect it yourself andring Sky to pair your card with the new box and activate the Sky+ on it - the Sky+ would cost nothing extra on subscription but a HD box would be an extra £10 per month.:cool:


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Great, thanks for the reply - sounds as though it is relatively simple if the installer plays ball.

Does anyone know:

(a) if you get 2nd kit for the second box (or are both boxes brand new)

(b) What good deals are out there direct with Sky right now and what you have to say to get them...?!


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I would assume that they'd have to state the boxes were 2nd hand as you're paying for them. It's not like Virgin where you effectively rent the boxes. Still, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask.

On a related point, is the 160GB HDD the standard for Sky+ now. I assume they don't use the 40GB one anymore.

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