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Sky, Sky HD or Freeview - best SD for LCD?

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by ekosse, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. ekosse


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    I am now the unexpected owner of a Panasonic TX26LXD500 LCD TV after my brother decided he really needed the 32!

    I would appreciate comments on how best to supply SD pictures for my new set. It replaces a 24" widescreen CRT which was fed RGB Freeview and Top Up via a Thompson 2300 set top box and a Sony HXD-510 DVD/HD recorder.

    Freeview through the Thompson is better than the set decoder but still suffers from quite serious colour smear. Anything originally NTSC looks even worse (no surprise). Viewing everything component/progressive using the component out from the Sony 510 has helped but I wonder if I can improve things further.

    The channel signal strength reads 75-80% and quality 100% on the Thompson so I assume an aerial upgrade would not yield anything in the way of improvement?

    If I opt for Sky should I wait for HD? With flat panels preference for progressive pix will SD via HDMI look any better than via interlaced RGB from "normal" Sky?

    Hope this makes some sense - first post and all that...

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