sky + sky eye problem.


hallo, my sky + box keeps turning its self of which i have called sky & they have said someone will call me monday/tuesday,also for some reason my sky eye will not work in the bedroom since the problem with my sky + box.i have attached another sky eye but also it will not let me change i have a picture but can't change this a problem with my box?will i have to wait until my sky+ is fixed to use my sky eye propely?any advice will be appreciated.:confused:

Paul D

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You will find out that the "RF" 2 voltage has been turned off in the "secret" service setup menu.

To turn it back on:

press the "services" button on the remote

then press option "4" button etc

press 0 (zero) and 1 and then "select"

you should now be in the "installers" setup menu

Go to option "4"

will see an option to turn the voltage for RF2 back on!

hope this helps;)


thanks for reply,i have done that and still the same the red light will not come on the sky eye.i have tried 3 diffrent eyes & all the same result,if any other ideas please let me know.cheers:confused:


Try connecting the eye straight in the back of the sky+ box to see if the red light will come on. I've had problems in the past with the cables, you might have kink in the cable which might cause a short that will effect the power supply to the eye but not the picture.


sky have just come out & sorted me a new sky+ box so all ptroblems sorted.only took them a week.;)

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