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Recently moved house. There's an existing dish on wall with clear view to the sky satellite area. Dish has quad lnb.

I connected my sky+ box to the feeds but I get message stating no signal being received. I checked the signal level in setup menu and Input 1 strength is 80% with quality at 50% which seems acceptable. However there is no signal on input 2. Tried swapping cables over but still same result with no signal on input 2. Tried alternative box with identical results. One thing I noticed is on input 1 the signal disappears for approx 1 second every 15 seconds or so. Tried new lnb but still same results.

Any ideas? Is it possible that something is interfering with the signal (like microwave communications or something)?

I know that the dish input outputs a voltage to the lnb. Is this also correct for input 2? I've tested my box and only input 1 has an output voltage. There is no Voltage output from input 2.

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Not sure that 80% strength & 50% quality is acceptable. Maybe the dish has got out of alignment. (BTW the Mods may move your post to the Sky forum - though strictly speaking you don't have a "Sky signal problem" but a "Satellite signal problem".)


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If there is something that can affect a satellite signal, regardless if it's sky or other, then I believe this is the right forum.

With regards signal levels, I'm not that new to sky technicalities so I believe the above percentages are good enough, if not on the high side. I've had perfectly good working signals at 50% strength and 10% quality, although I freely admit, the higher the better. I've tried moving the dish in all directions and it is currently as high as I can get it on th signal levels. Although not sure why input 2 would show different to input 1! Same dish!


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Both LNB inputs should be providing a voltage. On that basis you should divulge the make and model number of your Sky+ Digibox in case it's a known fault. And this would be better in the correct forum where owners of the same model can help. (Even more so if the model number were in the subject line.)


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There is no Voltage output from input 2.
That's enough to convince me it's a receiver problem, and therefore is a Sky problem for the Sky forum.


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Hi definitely a receiver issue, if your receiving signal on both cables when attaching to input one and when attaching both cables to input two nothing, then suggests input 2 tuner on receiver had it. with the signal guide on services menu is an estimate and isn't an indication of true satellite signal from dish, but from an engineers point of view, we use this to identify if box on its way out after checking strength with meter and system download and planner rebuild have been completed.
With your other issue
I noticed is on input 1 the signal disappears for approx 1 second every 15 seconds or so
if input one is flickering then that tuner is possibly on its way out as well, best to check the f connectors first make sure no copper braiding is in contact with copper stinger as this can cause signal to trip out.

Also to note on signal page, signal quality is what gives you your picture, if that is lower than half on your system then your going to have problems with picture break up signal strength is there to look pretty has nothing to do with break up or picture quality just a directional thing.
A little trick you might want to try sorts a few problems out and probably sort your problem out, if you dont want to ring sky or buy new box.
follow steps
1. press services button on sky remote
2.then press 0,1,select on remote this will bring up installers menu
3. then scroll down to sky + planner rebuild
4. follow instructions on screen ( also you wont lose recordings etc)
5. the system will turn off give it 3 mins and switch back on, check your signal now, if input two still not there get new box
i hope this helps

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