Sky set up problems - not in stereo


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I have the following

Philips 28PW6515 TV
Panny SCHT900 home cinema system
Panny DSB50 digibox

Got Sky installed this morning, I have Sky tuned into my TV channel 6, a scart from the tv to each of the Pannasonics

I also have a LEFT and RIGHT cable running from the TV to the AV L and R of the home cinema system. I have tried switching this to various plugs in both the home cinema and the digibox.

I was originally watching SKY on ext 1 (an AV channel) and the picture was better than it is when I have it tuned into 6 but the sound isnt quite right. It is coming thru all the speakers but its not in stereo like normal TV channels.

So at the moment I am watching Sky on channel 6 and it says Mono in the top right hand corner, yet if I switch to 1 or 2 it says Nicam. Its set up as Stereo on the sky setup menu so what am I connecting wrong?


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ignore, think ive got it sorted now

EDIT: No, I havent, doh, the sound is coming thru rear speakers sounds distorted, all liquidy, it wasnt doing that earlier when I had it set up like this

i have scart from tv to each panny
av out cables on the digibox into the aux on the home cinema

worked out on sky movies but another channel it goes all wrong


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The RF output of a SKY digibox is mono.
If you connect via a scart then you will get stereo but the TV is probably looking for a NICAM signal but SKY do not use that format so the TV might report it's presence incorrectly.


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i got it coming thru ok now apart from this squelching sound on the rear speakers, it wasnt there this morning

ive read somewhere it means the digibox is screwed
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