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Sep 10, 2002
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is there anyway to prioritise the Sky+ series links so that it won't simply part record something? Ala TiVO season pass manager?

also, once you've selected a series link is there a way to get the digibox to show you programme clashes on future programmes?

I want my TiVO back :( (or just the software will do)
I don't know this from experience, but reading a post on here, using 'keep' sounded like it will prioritise recordings. (particularly with reguard to program overlaps causeing clashes) Any clashes should come up when you try to enter them, & it sounded like it would ensure the 'kept' program would overide as a matter of course. Don't try this with any unmissable recordings - it's a guess based on 2nd hand info. I would be curious to see if it works.
I'll give it a try

there's no way though of telling of a future program clash without looking at the planner and working out in your head the start and end times.

eg. CSI and Never mind the buzzcocks have both been previously series linked with clashes but in a couple of weeks time their prog time slots might have changed slightly but the planner doesn't actually notify you of this so goes ahead and record 1 prog fully and the other partly.

BTW anyone else find the series link does not pick up on the Simpsons episodes shown on Sky1?
Originally posted by ISHANTY
go and get your tivo we don't need any anti sky+ people

good to see humour hasn't evolved in some parts yet.
Nope, theres no such thing as a season pass manager on Sky+. In fact, series links on Sky+ are a joke full stop really. They only appear on a fraction of the programs and even then you can't sort or maintain them! :thumbsdow
Originally posted by ISHANTY
i dont work for sky but im a sky+ fan

so criticising aspects of the software is against the law then? :confused:

I have to agree that series links are very badly implemented. Sometimes they are absent. Sometimes they disappear half way through a series and sometimes then pick up the wrong series (use the series link on the new series of Charmed on Thursdays, for example, picks up the old series on the following Sunday (Monday?) and cycles through various old episodes before returning to the new series.
I think there is some confusion over what exactly series links are and what they should do:)

They are not a given on SKY digital for a start nor are they under the control of SKY or do you pay for them in any form what so ever.
Series linking is the responsibility of each individual broadcaster and the ability to implement series links on their programming is one of the facilities of the EPG which they pay SKY to use.
If a series link exists yet doesn't point to the next episode correctly then the data that sets up the link is wrong and it's either become corrupted or more likely carelessly set up by the broadcaster in the first place.
Some broadcasters choose not to support series links at all, I suppose it saves them a few quid a year by not employing someone to compile the relevant EPG data and send the information along with it's EPG listings.

Comparing series links to the TIVO equivalent is a bit pointless since the series link system is all that is left for SKY to use as TIVO patented virtually everything to do with PVR software and methodology. SKY for obvious reasons choose not to license the TIVO OS which works so well because it's basically the US service and the US subscribers would not put up with anything like the service levels SKY get away with. TIVO has thousands of UK subscribers paying for people to compile TV listings from all UK broadcasters, insert flags and hooks and then send that data to every TIVO user every day.
That is a far cry from the SKY series links which are the domain of each broadcaster, on the surface that should mean foolproof listings etc and no mistakes with their own programming but in reality it's just another way to offer a poor level of service and save money.

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