Sky - series link keeps disappearing - why??? :D


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Whenever I set the series link for a programme, on Sky (I don't have Sky+), it works okay but after a couple of weeks it disappears until my full list dwindles away to an empty list.

Am I doing it wrong? Is this common? Is it my box?


Series link information is fed to the EPG by the individual broadcasters, and some broadcasters are better than others in posting the correct information.


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Same thinks been happening with me for various channels. Annoying as I've missed a few things because I've forgotton they are on. One day I had 2 pages of links the next just 4 programmes. It's disappointing.


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i've only linked simpsons and voyager on sky 1/mix i have yet to experience other channels link abilities....might test it to see if i get me relying on it in future for something
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