Sky + self install help!



Hi Guys, first post and after some advice

Ive been reading through pages on here, but trying to find the best ones, any ideas/url

I have the sky+ box, about to buy a quad LNB, and know I need CT100 cable to run second line - then 2 calls to sky to activate/pair up the box

is it this simple or am I missing some vital piece of info, like the mute girlfriend feature?



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Don't forget to waterproof the lnb connections at the dish end with self-amalgamating tape (DO NOT USE SILICON SEALER OR NORMAL ELECTRICAL TAPE = rubber boots if supplied with the lnb will be acceptable ) also waterproof the 2 unused lnb connectors. The dish might need a very slight adjustment vertically if the arm is not very rigid (some dishes are a lot better than others on this) - the quad lnb can be significantly heavier than a single one depending on manufacturers

Otherwise it is simple as that - providing your dish is aligned correctly already.

Also it will probably be only one call to Sky to "marry" the card to the dodgibox and activate the Sky+ subscription.:cool:

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