Sky+ Scart to IScan deinterlacer - what cable?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by GilchristT, Oct 31, 2004.

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    I'm a bit of a newbie at this so pardon my ignorance.

    I've a Fujitsu P42VCA30EH with a VGA 15pin input. Following advice from an earlier posting I'm picking up an IScan de-interlacer - I just have to finish the argument with myself with regard to going for the Ultra or all the way up to the HD version (any advice? - the screen is 854x480 and will be used for Sky+ and DVD from a Tosh SD-220e with component out)

    Anyway, my question is what cable do I need to get from the RGB Scart on the Sky+ box to the component input on the IScan box? What cables I can find seem to be in the £50 to £70 range which seems a bit steep to me for a basic cable.

    If this is the price they are then so be it but my concern is that I could be paying for a converter rather than a basic cable and want to make sure that, if this is the case, it is necessary i.e. I'm not just duplicating the work of the IScan box and introducing an unnecessary two stage conversion?



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