Sky+ "Scart Control"


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What does the Scart Control function do?

Whatever it does, it seems to worsen the picture when set to "on". Anyone else have this problem?



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It certainly shouldn't worsen the picture.

If SCART control is on, the Sky box pulls the relevant pin of the SCART socket high to tell the connected device to switch inputs. It also enables automatic widescreen switching.

I cannot for the life of me work out how it could worsen the picture though...

What exactly do you mean - can you describe the effect?

The only thing I can think of is some older TV's did a poor job with RGB SCART signals. What is your TV?



It could be causing a switch from RGB to composite on the SCART


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I have a Samsung LE32M51.

With regards to how it makes the picture worse, if for instance I go to the sky menu and highlight a programme, the text becomes more blurry when set to "on". If however I then set the SKy+ box to output PAL instead of RGB, the picture becomes sharper. When the scart control is set to "off", the picture is sharper but if I then set the Sky+ box to either RGB or PAL, the picture is the same. I would however expect the RGB setting to produce a better picture (which is what it did on my old CRT)

Could it be that my TV scart inputs are not RGB enabled even thought the specs say they are. There is no indicator on the TV that says RGB!

Any help would be appreciated!



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Do you have a fully wired scart cable?
Not all scart cables are fully wired (i.e. using all the pins in the cable) so I would check that first.
I'm not sure how your tv works but mine says rgb when it is recieving an rgb signal and pal when it is recieving a composite signal.
Generally if you have set the Sky box to output rgb and the tv to receive rgb, if there is no rgb being received due to there being no cables within the scart lead the tv will automatically default back to composite as the composite signal is permanently on in the Sky box.

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