Sky Sagem router paired together with BT Homehub?


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Basically trying to route the Sky Sagem through the BT Homehub in order to get a better wireless range(used to be better with BT than it is now with Sky).

I know this can be done, trawled the web and found some advise on setting it all up, which as always didn't seem to work as suggested(settings didn't appear as they should and wouldn't accept the listed settings so had to do alot of tweaking).

Anyway, managed to get it to work, but now seems to be very tempremental, working fine one minute, then one of our home computers will get the Homehub message that it can't connect to broadband, even though the other computer beside is working fine. Also Xbox Live seems to have moderate NAT now.

So, what I'd like to know, has anyone here had sucess doing this, and if so can you offer any configuration/ settings advice:lease:

Thanks in advance.


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Go into the Home Hub's settings. Switch off DHCP and give the HH a new IP address within the range 192.168.0.XX but ensure that the address that you use isn't in the Sky router's DHCP pool. You may want to scan the WiFi spectrum with inSSIDer while you are at it and ensure that the HH's WiFi channel isn't clashing with neighbours' networks.

Now go into the Sky router's settings and switch off the Sky router's WiFi.

Finally, connect one of the HH's Ethernet ports to one of the Sky router's Ethernet ports. Simples!

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