Sky router wifi is terrible in new home


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I know these sky fiber boxes are known for terrible wifi, i have moved from a house to a flat but the wifi is terrible i dont understand as now im on one level and my wfi is slower than when i was in a house. Any suggestions on better wifi speeds.


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Why didn't you post in the dedicated Sky Broadband forum above?
The Sky routers aren't known for "terrible wi-fi", there are probably hundreds of thousands of them in use with no problems.
What package are you on...estimated speed up to what? And what speed are you getting?
Have you tried phoning Sky?


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I thought i had posted in the sky part, Long day bad removal company so my head is not in the right place lol

Im getting good speeds when its hard wired 38mbps its just the wifi side im getting 5-10mbps sometimes 1mbps.


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Do you have a floor plan (with location of router labelled)? What construction are the walls? Have you used a WiFi scanner to show the amount of other networks in the same area and what channels they are using? How far away are you expecting it to travel?


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No i dont have a floor plan, I think it could be due to the distance and maybe walls because my home phone drops its signal when i go into the room with poor wifi, do power line adopters have built in wifi aswell? for my pc i can use a power line but it doesn't help the issue with phones/tablets.


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Some types of building construction use wall panels with foil backs (for thermal insulation) which is dreadful for Wi-Fi.

There's an FAQ about diagnosing Wi-Fi issues in pinned on the Networking and NAS forum at AVF which, amongst other things, talks about checking for co-channel interference (from the neighbours) and other horrors.

One thing you could do to try and assess culpability of your router is to try a different Wi-Fi router/AP and see how that compares (it doesn't need to be connected to the Internet, it just needs to be advertising an SSID so you can see how it compares using a tool such as Acrylic Wi-Fi Scanner.)

At a pinch you could perhaps use a smart phone if it's one with a "personal hotspot" function like a iPhone. However, they have piddly little antenna and run of batteries, so probably aren't great to start with - still you could set it up and see how it compares in both the "good" and "bandit" locations.

Not all powerline adapters have Wi-Fi Access Points built in, but some do. There's an FAQ about "HomePlugs" pinned in the Networking and NAS forum also.

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