Sky RGB to Viera splutter

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Thanks to the kindly advice of shakey David Sheeky and the happiest h I have re-rigged my Viera set-up to:

Sky AV1

(all 16:9 RGB where possible).

One tiny snag is that Sky is spluttering a bit i.e. the picture becomes momentarily blocky and exhibits digital glitches through the sound. It settles down usually after a second or so but is provoked with a channel change (and when your skipping through MTV 1 to the Musician Channel avoiding adverts that's a lot of skipping!).

Any advice fully welcomed.

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Can anyone lend a hand on this one?

Altering Sky to RGB and feeding the Scart to AV1 as oppossed to AV2 made the picture bitmap and squelch. Taking the same Scart cable back to AV2 stopped the problem?

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Cant say I've ever come across this before - I wonder if moving the SCART cable around is coincidental and its actually an aerial cable/connector fault at the back of your Digibox.

When we had SKY+ installed the installation was so poor the first time I went near the rear of the box the aerial cable 'fell' out of its F Connector.

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That does sound like a sky sattelite feed problem, check connections are tight, and also that the dish connections are still OK, and it's still pointing at the same bit of sky. Doesn't sound like a connection problem to the plasma. Hopefully all that re-wiring you did has just loosened one of your F-connectors.

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Everything is in tight, what doesn't add up is that the 'same' Scart when switched from AV2 to AV1 causes the problem. I did wonder if it was the cable but it can't be.

I'm running a PS2 in AV2 which is fine.

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High winds wouldn't explain why its fine in AV2 and not in AV1 in the same 20 min. spell!? - I don't think the machine is on the blink as it has exhibited no signs of this (and doesn't now in AV2).

It was pointed out that AV1 being RGB would be the better input so I duly followed advice ... Scart lead 'out' of Sky and 'into' AV1 ... Sky switched to RGB output. Coughing and sputtering ensued. Switching back to AV2 with the same lead and all is fine!?

Can you imagine how annoying that is!? ... answer; very.

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Do I need gold encrusted leads or something? - is it something to do with the DVD recorder in AV4?

... what do you win if you can actually set a TV up correctly?


Banned, a job, mate! You have a problem with the box or the scart I would say, it's the digital artefacts that confused me, your description sounded like sattelite probs, of course you could check that in the sky menu, but if it works on composite and not on RGB, then I have to ask, is your scart fully wired, and is it a bit of old licorice? You don't need some £100 scart lead, just something with decent wire inside, and nice solid feeling plugs that make a tight connection. The RGB wires are not making a proper connection.

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MAW, you've been kind to help me on this as its boring to me and I'm asking the questions!

I came to the same conclusion myself, that the lead could be the cause - although not entirely liquorice I can't be certain that is has all the wires necessary to perform the tasks. I mean, how would I know? - the leads are from the products purchased.

I ask you this then - where would one confidently purchase 3 scart leads capable of coupling up Sky to the tv, Sky to a DVDR and DVDR to the tele?

(without 'breaking the bank'!) ... and on a Sunday!

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'Monster Cables from Comet'

is that the name of a 50's B movie? (sounds pretty good).

There are a couple of decent shops in the area which may be open - maybe if I was armed with the correct question? ...

Dear sir or madam, do you stock decent quality scart leads 'that can do RGB and that'


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