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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by Wackojacko32, Feb 4, 2005.

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    I have seen others are using the passthrough on the Sky+ for various things and was wondering whether the attached equipment gets priority over the Sky+ signal. I connected my multiroom box to the VCR scart this morning to enable me to
    a) watch the signal if recording two programs on Sky+
    b) pass the signal to my DVDR (E65) which is between my Sky+ and TV for recording if necessary.

    The problem is the multiroom box overrides the signal from the Sky+ box when it is switched on, which means we will end up watching what my daughter wants an not what we want. :confused:

    I assume switching the the Scart control off will fix this, but will also lose RGB output I think. Anybody else had similar experiences?

    I have also tried connecting the multiroom to the other RGB scart on my TV directly but unless you switch scart control off the TV keeps switching from one box to another when the Sky button is pressed! Was hoping this would solve this problem too.

    Thanks in advance


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