Sky+ RGB Passthrough Problem!



I have a Pace v2 sky plus box - seems to work okay.

I am trying to put a dvd player into the vcr scart so that I can view them
via scart 1 on my tv (the only rgb enabled scart on there)

Is this possible - the screen goes green when i do this - however if i put
the dvd straight into the tv its fine.

It does this with vcd's and dvd's and even divx files i play back through
the dvd player when going through the sky box.

Is it macrovision - if so why does it do it on vcd, xvids etc?

Really confused...............

Dave, Oldham.


It's not macrovision, sounds more like a dodgy scart, or bad connection. You have RGB enabled on sky I presume, and that's OK? Try a different scart, make sure they're seated properly at all connections, and hope the french play rugby like they design AV connections.


.......have tried 2 different scart leads - rgb enabled on digibox.

Do I have to enable rgb on vcr scart somewhere?

I will go and plug the tv scart into the vcr one and see what happens.....



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Sounds like macrovision to me. Well some kind of copy protection anyway.

If you plug DVD players through VCR's you get something similat to this.



never had any probs with looping dvds through vcr scarts on sky stbs have u got a ps2 or similar you couldv try

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