SKY+ RGB output degrades other outputs

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by BobD, Mar 1, 2005.

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    I have an Amstrad Sky+ receiver which works fine and has not yet gone wrong and in a bid to optimise the picture have enabled the RGB output.
    However this has resulted in a degraded signal not only on the RGB output but also the S-video, the composite signal through the scart and also the RF output. The picture becomes blurred and lacks definition when the RGB output is enabled in the services menu. Have tried several scart cables and also made a quality one using high quality coax cable so doubt it is the cable. The TV I am feeding is a Sony KV-A2942U fairly old 29 inch 4:3 model which I am looking to replace with an LCD but would like to sort the best signals to feed it with first.
    This is easily seen since the menu is probably the best way to judge the change in output quality.
    Do other Sky+ owners experience the same problem?
    To check just navigate to the Services - System Setup - Picture Settings menu and change the Video Output setting to RGB and see if the picture quality is affected on the particular output you are using.
    I am not sure this is a FAULT or a FEATURE so your feedback would be appreciated.
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    I posted on a similar thread earlier today. I too have an Amstrad Sky+ receiver which came yesterday. I had an instance yesterday when I switched from PAL to RGB and noticed blurring and Flickering around the search banner. When I posted this in the other thread earlier I then tried to replicate the incident but couldn't. The picture was quite stable on both PAL & RGB. :confused:

    As for the banding issues on Amstrad boxes so frequently reported and disscussed, I haven't witnessed that problem :clap: Here's hoping I never do.

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