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I have programmed the remote with the code for my TV. Is it possible to turn off the TV and Sky box by pressing the Standby button once or do I have to do it seperately?



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Don't think so, as in Tv mode it doesn't turn Sky off or vice versa. In fact if you turn Tv off first, then pressing Sky before powering Sky down, turns the tele back on to the Sky channel

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I thinks to get something like that to work you need an All-in one remote with macro learning. My E-pilot can do that but it's crap at navigating Sky.


Try a Kameleon 6 - Using code 0650 will work all sky buttons and could be linked with a simple macro to turn on/off tv as well.
If you wish to play around a little you could learn all the buttons from your sky remote and then link to a macro.

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