SKY+ remote problems


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I have a problem with my remote control for SKY+, I problem I thought had gone away but seems to have reappeared.

It seems to be that the signal the remote sends is only being received intermittently - in that it takes ages for some keypresses to be acknowledged, a nightmare when trying to fast forward through a recording and then stopping at the right place. The bizzarre thing is it works fine every time when I am looking at the EPG - every keypress is instantly received.

Anyone else had this problem or know of a fix?


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I don't know about a problem, but my + box seems a lot slower than my old Panasonic. It doesn't seem ridiculously slow or broken but noticably slower than my old box, & it does respond to the remote every time. EPG does seem quicker than some of the other functions


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Have just unplugged the video sender and it now seems to work fine? Is that bizarre? Why would it only effect the signal when not in EPG mode? :zonked:


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This after a bit of research::

I have SKY+ and am just fiddling about getting my Pronto to work. I thought I had problems in that the digits linked to channel logos were not working properly, and the remote seemed to be intermittent. Trouble is, the original remote seemed to do the same! Even stranger though - there was no such problem when viewing the EPG!

I have now managed to narrow down the problem - I use a one for all 'sender' to send IR signals from upstairs down to the sky+ box so we can change channels etc. This has a small IR extender which I place in front of the SKY+ box. Trouble is, when the SKY+ box is on, the receiver seems to be receiving signals all the time as the red light on the receiver is flashing all the time. When I switch the SKY+ box to the EPG, it stops!!! If I turn off the SKY+ box it stops!! There is no physical connection between the SKY+ box and the sender as I only use it for the IR, not for the picture signal..

This has got me totally flummoxed - can anyone shed any light on what I can do?

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