Sky+ remote not working properly in second location

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by chedmaster, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Jan 29, 2005
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    I have the usual eye config, except instead of using RF for pic/sound i use s-vid and stereo through scart to the second room. this worked fine for ages, both tvs are 16:9 so no aspect probs etc, however since that ******* software update, when i hold any button on the remote in the second room, it works for about 2 secs then stops. so i try to go "up" from 101 to say 130, and it will stall at 103, 106, 107 etc etc. very annoying, i have to let go of the button and re-press it. I have tried turning box off/on at plug, switching remotes and nought works.

    Is there a reset i can do without losing everything? will a software update (forced) lose progs (if not is there any risk at all?).

    I havent had any of the other probs on here, just this one.

    Ta everyone.

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