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Hello there.

Would be grateful for any advice from Forum members.

I have just bought a 17" Widerscreen DMTECH LCD TV with built in DVD Player. I cannot seem to find a Remote Code in the Sky+ manual to allow the Sky remote to operate my DMTECH tv.

Does anyone know a code I could try or where I might find a resource to help find a code that works? :lease:

Many thanks,


Cynthia 7

Hi nhart,

There was a post about this in May on the Remote control forum. Screenman, who has a DMTech LCD DVD combi, said "Be aware DMTech screens do not work in conjunction with Sky remotes". It may be that now the latest version of Sky+ remotes have been programmed with the code, (there is a version 6 online) Argos was version 5. You can check your version by looking inside the battery section of the remote control. If you don't have a newish version it won't be programmed for your model anyway. You may have to wait six months or more to get a remote programmed for your combi. There's no way of knowing unfortunately.

I read that someone asked Sky for the code for this make and they said to try the codes for the Sky televisions. These codes are 391 649 576 191 222 377 384 387 367 389 103 318 574 392 544. (Obtained through pressing the Sky interactive button). Also I have read that DMTech are part of Samsung but I can't verify that but it might be worth trying their codes.


Hi Cynthia 7.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will try these tonight and see how I get on. If I find a code that does work, I will go to the Thread you mentioned and tag it on at the end (assuming someone has not already beaten me to it).




Tag it here too...!!

I'm still looking too, I have since aquired a rev6. remote. Have not tried too hard in all honesty, but the sky codes I tried a few months ago failed to work.

Sky acknowledge the fact that their own SKY branded tv's which are in fact DMTECH units do not function with SKY remote which if you ask me is laughable since the adverts pitching the tv's used to have splashed all over them "optimised for SKY" !!

<sigh> one day it will work I hope....

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