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I have been using these instructions so that I can control the volume of my denon 1906 using my sky+ remote

1. Turn on the AV amplifier you wish to operate, press the TV button on the Sky+ RCU (Remote Control Unit).
2. Press and hold down the Select then the 0 (zero) buttons on the Sky+ RCU until the LED (Light Emitting Diode) blinks twice.
3. Input the 4 digit number from the Sky+ RCU direct set code list pages. The LED should flash twice to confirm that the code was entered successfully.
4. Use the Left navigation button on the Sky+ RCU to try and switch the AV Amplifier into standby. If the standby button works then the other AV Amplifier functions should also work and the correct code has been selected. If all functions do not work correctly then repeat steps 1 - 3 and work through all the 4 digit numbers from the Sky+ RCU direct set code list pages until you find the code which supports all or as many of the AV Amplifier functions as possible.

Problem is after I have input the code(s) the LED does not blink twice like it is supposed to, it just lights up for about a second. I have tried select and red then 999 to reset the remote. The remote is a ver6.
Any help would be appreciated.

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