"Sky reduce second subscription cost" = really?


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Sky reduce second subscription cost
10:22 BST, Wednesday 12th May 2004 -- by Alan Jay

Sky announced today that the cost of taking out an extra subscription has been reduced from £15 to £10 a month.

The new pricing, effective from today, applies to all current and future Sky Digital and Sky+ customers who take one or more ‘Multi-room’ options.

The £10 Multi-room subscription provides access to the same package of channels as a customer’s main subscription, but with independent, simultaneous control on another TV, so people in the same household can watch different channels in a different room at the same time, all through the same minidish.

The £10 per month price also applies to existing Sky customers with a Sky+ box who move their standard digibox to another room in the home. It also applies to customers who take more than one [extra] multi-room subscription with each extra/multiroom subscription at £10 per month .

Source: Digital Spy

Isn't the price already £10 if you have Sky+?

I pay £10/m for Sky+ and would consider an extra £5 for additional room, but £20/m is more than my subscription and for these services doesn't appear good value for money.



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Yes SKY+ users do only pay £10 for the mirror subscription, normal subscribers have to pay £15 but as indicated that is being reduced to £10.

Of course the price is relative:)
If you have SKYworld and get the SKY+ fee waived then an additional £10 a month to have SKYworld on a second digibox is not unreasonable.
However if you only have the Family package and pay £10 for SKY+ another £10 is quite a lot.

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