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Sky+ Redirect to Humax FoxSat?


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First apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Second, I am an AV-pleb so excuse my total ignorance. I also only have 10 hours to find the answer to this so I have no time to research. Apologies for that too.

So, I have a sat dish on the wall. It feeds a Humax Foxsat in my lounge. Works great. I also have 2 aerial sockets in the lounge - one (input) feeds the Humax and the other (output) is fed back up to the bedroom - where it is currently unused - nothing is plugged into it.

The original plan for those sockets was to put a Sky+ box in the lounge and feed the output from the Sky box into the second (output) socket so Sky+ would be available in the bedroom. However we ended up buying a Humax instead and that has no "output" feed.

Anyway, now looking to buy Sky+ (have 10 hours left to buy groupon half price deal, hence deadline). I think that I should be able to get Sky+ box installed in lounge, then feed output from that into lounge socket.

The question is: what do I plug into the bedroom feed? Can I plug the Humax in there and access Sky+ through that - I'm guessing no. Can I plug an old Sky+ box into it? Or do I just plug it direct into the TV in the bedroom?

Yours confused,


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Or do I just plug it direct into the TV in the bedroom?

Yes, for SD picture and mono sound when you add an IOLink to the new Sky box. You can add a magic eye if you want to be able to remote control the box from the bedroom. Don't worry too much about the 'deadline' half price deals come and go fairly frequently with Sky.


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Thanks for the swift response!

So if the box is a Sky+ HD box, are you saying the output will be SD and mono sound? Not too fussed if it is as we only have a rubbish SD TV in the bedroom currently. Just want to make sure.

Also this IOLink - is that some extra hardware I need to buy to plug into the new Sky+HD box?

True about the deadline I guess...


You have a satellite connection only in the one room so that's where the Sky machine goes.
The io link is a device that connects to the Sky machine to allow its SD output to extend into another room if you wish.

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