Sky+ Recordings Starting to Jump.


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Its only happened twice so far in the space of a week so im wondering if anyone can shed any light on things..

My Sky+ box is an Amstrad...4f2109 if tht means anything to anybody. We've had it for years, recently had it moved upstairs to my bedroom as we've had SkyHD installed far as I know its never had this problem before, when it was downstairs. Its been up here for at least a month now though and its just this last week started to happen.

Last Monday was the first case..I had recorded something on Monday night/Tuesday morning..rougly 2 hours long. It must've been every 20-30 seconds it jumped, and it jumped about 10 seconds through the show. It was unwatchable in the end so I just deleted it. Thought maybe it had been broadcast like that and it was just one of those things.

Then, last week I recorded the film Almsot Famous off of the Anytime service(as it was its last day and I didnt have time to watch it)..I then started to watch it today, to find it was a simlar issue. Every minute or so(less usually) it was the end it seemed to cut the run time from 2 and 40 mnns to about 1 hour and 30 mins. So it had effectively missed out about an hours worth of the film because of the jumping.

Anyone else had this problem?

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