Sky+ recording to PC, Help please.....


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Is there a device /method etc to transfer the recordings from Sky+ to save and watch on a laptop/netbook?:lease:
I would guess the recording would have to be converted to Mpeg? :confused:.
Pinnacle do make something BUT will only copy in 4:3 not 16:9.
I did have a Archos to copy the Sky+ from but had problems with it freezing :thumbsdow. These i could then copy from the Archos onto my hard drive, and watch using divx player or media player :smashin:.
I had thought about getting a Archos 7, but with a new 10" Netbook, seems a waste of money.
Any thought as what is about on the market today?

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Hello - there are a number of hardware solutions available, most external usb capture devices should suit, but you do tend to get what you pay for. You need to make sure it is capable of capturing analogue signals.

The bad news is that if you want to capture divx/xvid you will need a powerful laptop. A simple, free program like Virtualdub will allow you to capture straight to divx/xvid or other compressed formats as long as you install the necessary codecs on the laptop. some examples of external usb analogue devices here: Computer Hardware - All - Multimedia / TV -

External devices with on-board encoding are available (which will work with a lower spec laptop) but as far as I know these all capture to mpeg2 (with DVD creation in mind). This is not necessarily a problem if you have loads of hard disk space, and has the advantage that you can also archive the recordings to DVD. The Hauppauge HVR series are worth looking at for this. Incidentally many of these devices will only record in 4:3, but in the case of mpeg2 this is very easily and quickly fixed with a program called DVDPatcher (free here: DVDPatcher - Video software and downloads - If you have less space then you would need to re-encode the captured mpeg2 to divx. Not difficult but time-consuming and a nuisance.

Another other thing to consider is using tools like Sky Player and BBC iPlayer to get the shows on to your laptop. The recordings have a time-limit (for viewing) but have the advantage that they are already compressed.


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Go to the copy+ website and follow links to "+Extract"....explains it all for you and the software is free. Slightly complicated but then a lot of copy/convert software programs are. See what you think anyway

Copy+, the free Sky & XTV disk copier software
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Hi, i have a program recorded on my sky+ hd box which I would like to record to dvd.
My dad's pc has a winfast tv2000 xp capture card installed with all of the software.
Is it possible for me to bring my box to his house and record it there, i.e. would my sky box work without having the aerials or phone line connected or would it be easier to bring the pc to mine and set it up next to my sky box?
Any help would be greatly appreciated as the program is of great sentimental value to my aunt.


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Unfortunately in order to playback you need a signal from the satelite (even tho you've recorded it), so you can't take it to your Dads unless he haas a dish you can connect it to.


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My dad did have sky up until a month or so ago and as far as i know, the aerials and dish are still present. Would it possible to connect this way or would his subscription still need to be active?


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No your subscciption is active isn't it? It only needs a signal from the dish, it doesn't need to know where you are!

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