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Finally about 2 weeks away from getting into the new house. Havent been around these parts in a while.

Dumb? I read somewhere that Sky are soon to increase the recording capacity in the SKY+ boxes.

Anyone know when, or even heard about this.

Or would the better option just be to fire in a big ol hard drive


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I've seen rumours which I do not believe since a major point of SKY+ is it's perfect recordings and the current generation is not equipped to do any sort of recompressing/encoding of digital data.
There are rumours of a larger capacity SKY+ using an 80gig drive but nothing offical yet.
As for a HD upgrade, very easy to do but some people have run into a number of bugs with the software then doesn't officially support anything bigger than the standard 40gig drive and of course you are technically voiding the warranty:)

Best advice is to use the SKY+ as is for a month or so, get used to and make sure it's working ok and then consider the HD upgrade if your useage patterns require more capacity.


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Makes sense. Thanks Starburst


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I wouldn't recommend upgrading the HD unless you really really have to. I upgraded mine about 18 months ago to 120 GB (about 60 hours of recordings) and it worked perfectly - until the dual recording update. Now everytime the box is upgraded or is unplugged from the mains one or more recordings becomes corrupt, best case is when the counter gets stuck at 17 minutes - this is ok as you can still watch the recording but you can't fast forward at 30x otherwise it goes back to the start. I've also had it chop the end or middle of recordings, up to 50 minutes out of a 2 hour recording - but it hasn't done that in a while.

I still keep my 120 GB drive installed as I need the capacity, I only really watch/record films & wrestling - and they both take up loads of room, wrestlemania was something like 20% of my increased disk space :O
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