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After reading various faqs and guides regarding Sky+, I am still left with questions.

BTW I am a newbie with respect to Sky, Sky+ etc, have never subscribed but am on the verge of doing so (my old VHS recording is on its way out, and regular terrestrial TV is not servicing my sci fi/fantasy fix!)

I am aware that various programmes etc can be set to record using the Sky+ EPG. All well and groovy. But the faqs etc out there don't answer the following:

Are there any recording/playback restrictions regarding certain shows/films/channels ? Ie Will the Sky+ box block the recording of shows/films/programmes if Sky flag them as being "premium" or "unrecordable" ?

How reliable is the "record me an entire series" function ? Can it be relied upon to record an entire season of 24 or Tru Calling say, without constant supervision from myself ?

Will any material transmitted in DD5.1 record and playback from the hard disc as 5.1, or does it perform some kind of 2.0 downmix ?

Does the Sky+ box add any analogue copy protection on replaying material from the hard drive ? Ie should I want to archive a show to either VHS or recordable DVD, does it add in macrovision or any other analogue copy protection ?

Any other good/bad experiences of the platform out there ? Any potential pitfalls to avoid (independant vs Sky's own installers etc) ? (Aside from doing my own integration of the box into my AV system).

Sorry for the barrage of questions. Any help or cries of anguish gratefully received!




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Forst off brendo, Sky+ is the dogs.

It will record anything in the EPG and the series link function works a treat. I've watched all episodes of 24 so far, whereas I bought the first to series on DVD having lost track of them prior to having Sky+.

If you're subscribed to the channel you can record what's on it, no other restrictions.

If it's recorded in 5.1, it replays in 5.1

Can't help you with question about analogue copy protection because I've never tried copying anything to tape.

You won't regret getting it.


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The movie channels have Macrovision on so you will need a stabiliser for those but I believe everything else is fine.


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I like Techno am a + fan. I've never tried, but you can record booked box office events, & watch them I think unlimited times for a week. What happens to them after I dont know. I don't know if you can archieve recordings, I suspect like ordinary Sky the recordings are some how encrypted. It is a bit buggy & there are reports of failed recordings/series links, having to rest it, loosing recordings/series links. However it's been (mainly) problem free for me & I've only lost few recordings (& had one box swap). Anoying, but I'd still not go back. I watch much of my viewing recorded so can FFwd through ads If you indulge in + you wont be disappointed.


The only macrovision is on Sky box office, and TBH i wouldnt bother with it anyway, its £3.75 - £4.75 per movie,

Blockbuster do 3 films for 7 nights for £5

Anyway back on topic, Its easy to archive or (copy) to dvd or VHS, and the only downfall is the 20 hour hard drive, people who have ungraded have sometimes experienced faults with there system and expired there warnaty so its up to you there,

I love sky plus but i somtimes get annoyed when sky keep taken my £50 everymonth :(

Ah well, i wouldnt be without it now :)

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Another thumbs up for the Sky+ series link. I have it set to record loads of programmes but was particularly impressed when recording Cold Case. It was off one week for that slag Loos interview and the next week they showed two episodes and the series link knew to record both. Probably a very simple operation but it impressed me!

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