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Recently I have had a lot of recordings on Sky+ that playback with distorted sound and occasional breaking up (in to blocks) of parts of the pictures. ALl connections are seated correctly but it seems to be getting more frequent. Strangely BBC1 never has a problem but most other channels do. I've had Sky+ for some time now but I recently bought a DVD HDD recorder (Sony 910) and decided to try and record one of the problematic programmes to the HDD but it too had sound problems and breaking up pictures. Can anyone shed any light on why this should be happening? I've even completely reset the Sky box but it's still happening.:(


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Hi Red,

I'm just a noob, but here's some comments:

sounds like weak signal, i haven't ever had sky and may be on the wrong track. Have you checked the dish? The LNB (microphone like thing on the end of the arm the protrudes from the dish) may be partially obstructed by a wet leaf or something. How frequent is it? There's a menu option to check signal strength/quality.

Only other reason I can think of is a faulty box. I bought a PVR (hard drive based freeview recorder) at exactly the same time as a friend, his had similar to you + box problems just before christmas. I haven't had any problems and the reason for my extended life is i put mine onto standby when not in use. He just left his on all the time. Hard disks have a finite lifespan, by not putting his on standby it was constantly writing to the disc (so you can rewind live programs), his drive wore out, mine hasn't and is still going strong after two years.

As i mentioned, i'm clueless, but i hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply. Signal strength has always been good, dish seems fine too. Reception is perfect on live viewing and on BBC1 recordings but varying degrees of 'bad' when recording BBC2, channel 4 or a sky channel. The weird bit is the brand new recordable dvd player with 250gb HDD also does it?? Both Sky & the DVD recorder are left on standby when not in use...:rolleyes:

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