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Sky+ recording playback problems...

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by Family Guy, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Family Guy

    Family Guy

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    Now on my 4th Sky+ box in 2 months - it's a long story...

    However, TBH I'm a bit reluctant to let this one go. It's an Amstrad box. The signal has never been better in all the years I've had Sky digital. I used to lose the piscture when a cloud passed in fron of the satellite...now, I got 90% signal strength & quality when it's tipping it down no problems...however, it does have one major flaw...

    When watching recordings, I get lots of audio drop outs...and sometimes the picture jumps like it's missing frames....very annoying.
    It seems to do it on all channels...watching last Tuesdays Deadwood last night was almost impossible with the amount of audio drop outs and missing frames...

    I've carried out a Sky+ planner rebuild but it still does it...If I do a full system reset, will this format the hard drive, possibility getting rid of the bad sectors it obviously has...? Or will it simply erase the hard drive completly.

    I don't really want to lose this box, but probably 80% of my viewing is recordings. I think the only things I watch "live" are sport TBH...

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